IDLC Personal Loan

IDLC Personal Loan

IDLC Personal Loan (IDLC Finance)

Product Features
We realize your all out efforts to enhance the quality of existence, however necessities now not wait for your savings to build up. Commonly, it will get tougher to fulfill ever altering wants. IDLC Finance restrained, the largest financial institution of the country, can support you achieve your aspirations with a personal loan that is suitable for you. IDLC personal loan - financing for all your need!

Advantages of IDLC Personal Loan

  1. Quick loan Processing
  2. Flexible Interest rates
  3. Minimum possible fees
  4. Quick settlement

  1. Meeting financial Need
  2. Marriage/Education
  3. Any Family Purpose
  4. Traveling
  5. Health Treatment   
IDLC Personal Loan

Types of Loan

IDLC Finance provided two types of loan under Personal Loan Category:
  1. Secured Personal Loan
  2. Unsecured Personal Loan

Loan Amount

IDLC Finance Providing Taka 50,000 to Taka 10 Lacs to suit your personal requirement at IDLC Personal Loan.

Loan Tenure
Loan tenure one year to five years

Interest Rates and Fees

IDLC Finance offer very competitive interest rate for Personal Loan. Interest rates are set based on the financial status.

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